Sniffer works in knowledge hubs to better connect people, issues, knowledge and solutions.

Within each knowledge hub we identify and bring together key stakeholders who want to address crucial issues relating to resilience and sustainability.

We lead work to identify what needs to be tackled, what the priorities are for Scotland, where Sniffer can help develop solutions and associated funding opportunities.

Each of these knowledge hubs take a leading role in its field through a managed approached to:

  • Providing a place for sharing of ideas and creative thinking by drawing in knowledge, connecting resources and influencing solutionsIdentifying and delivering training and guidance needs and 'how to use evidence' for all stakeholders – private, public and third sector
  • Delivering the solutions that are identified
  • Being inclusive

Our hubs connect with and build on initiatives within and beyond Scotland. Through this approach a broad set of stakeholders are better informed and engaged.

Click on the knowledge hubs below to read more about our latest initiatives to make Scotland more resilient.

How Scotland's organisations, communities and infrastructure can respond to the challenges and opportunities of climate change

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Collaborations and knowledge sharing between local authorities, other public sector bodies, communities and organisations is the key making Scotland's urban and rural places more resilient and sustainable.

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Practical partnerships to restore and manage rivers and catchments for the environment and the people living there

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Using Scotland's natural and environmental capital, assets and attributes to improve the health and wellbeing of Scotland's people

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Tools and guidance for good practice environmental regulation

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