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Using Scotland's natural and environmental capital, assets and attributes to improve the health and wellbeing of Scotland's people

How do our natural assets and attributes improve the health and wellbeing of Scotland's people? Can we create links and partnerships to make urban planning, transport policy, community engagement and a range of other policies contribute to health and wellbeing?

Scotland’s natural and environmental capital is important for our health and wellbeing, and the relationships between environment and health is a broad and complex field of study.

Key areas for Sniffer's focus;
• Strengthening the links between environmental and health sciences
• How climate change may affect health and wellbeing
• Reducing health inequalities and promoting environmental justice

There is solid base of research on the inter relationships between environmental pressures and human health. Most of these studies have looked at these relationships from the point of view of environmental regulation and physical categories of pollution (manifest in air, water and soil quality) that can harm human health, and also the positive impacts of improved environments.

Sniffer works to create more common ground between professionals whose work affects the natural and physical environment and those that work on the health agenda. We need new alliances and different ways of communicating and collaborating on issues like climate change, the concept of ecosystem services, health assets and their provable and quantifiable contribution to the nation's health.

The work is based on Sniffer's involvement in the Scottish Government's Good Places, Better Health project, where we led the "Practice What Works" component, our European collaboration with URBAN-NET and URBAN-NEXUS, where environment and health is highlighted as a priority area and our work with the Scottish Urban Air Quality Steering Group on developing a Low Emission Strategy for Scotland.



Sniffer's work on Good Places, Better Health

Good Places, Better Health

WHO Public Health and Environment programme

Current topics in Environment and Health

Urban Air Quality and Lowering Emissions

Air quality modelling and monitoring in Scotland.

Urban air quality workshop
Workshop on air quality modelling and monitoring in Scotland...

Engaging on the Cleaner Air For Scotland strategy

Engaging stakeholders in implementing the Cleaner Air for Scotland strategy

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