Water Framework Directive and UKTAG co-ordination

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Sniffer works in partnership with the Water Framework Directive-UK technical advisory group (UKTAG) on implementing the Water Framework Directive.

We employ the UKTAG co-ordinator who works to support the UK environmental regulators implement the WFD in a transparent and consistent manner across the UK across the areas of:

  • River basin characterisation
  • Ecological and morphological classification
  • Programme of measures
  • Environmental standards

For more information on the work of UKTAG see the UKTAG website

No proposed projects

Fish Obstacles Porosity Trialling of the methodology for quantifying the impacts of obstacles to fish passage

Code: WFD111

River Invertebrate Classification Developing a new RIVPACS IV predictive models that will be programmed into a new River Invertebrate Classification Tool being built by SEPA

Code: WFD72C

Impact of Run-of-river Hydro-schemes upon Fish Populations The main aim of the project was to collect information from high-head run-of-the-river hydroscheme at Scottish sites to asess the effectiveness of current mitigation measures designed to protect fish populations.

Code: WFD114

Predicting the effectiveness of measures to reduce diffuse pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural sources The overall aim of this work is to predict the effectiveness of SEPA/Scottish Government measures to mitigate diffuse pollution and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Code: DP1

Enhancement of the River Invertebrate Classification Tool

Code: WFD119

Wetland and Groundwater Interactions Developing a methodology to assess whether a site is ecologically damaged.

Code: WFD62

Further Development of River Invertebrate Classification Tool Broadening the scope of River Invertebrate Classification Tool by adding numerical abundance estimates.

Code: WFD100

A functional wetland typology for Scotland This “Wetland Typology” has been devised to assist non-specialists within SEPA to be able to identify wetlands, their basic hydrological and ecological characteristics, and their sensitivity to controlled activities, to enable licensing decisions to be made.

Code: WFD95

A system for classifying the ecological potential of UK and Irish canals This report was commissioned by SNIFFER as the third and final phase in the development of a system for classifying the ecological status of canals in Britain and Ireland. This report builds on the Phase 1 work (WFD61a: Willby et al., 2008) but fully integrates data collected in Scotland and Ireland in Phase 2 and incorporates the consequences of hydromorphological assessments on water body classification.

Code: WFD61c

Hydromorphology Decision Support Tool for transitional and coastal waters Improving and simplifying the existing TraC-MImAS tool

Code: WFD21C

Ecological indicators Field testing ecological indicators

Code: WFD122

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