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Climate Ready Clyde is a cross-sector partnership initiative supporting the development of a shared understanding of climate change risks and opportunities across the Glasgow City Region.

This region – home to a third of Scotland’s population – is already affected by extreme weather events, and will face many challenges as Scotland’s climate continues to change.

The Climate Ready Clyde project is helping partners become ‘climate ready’ through three work streams:

  1. Providing a strategic framework for action through a regional risk assessment and action plan - providing a co-ordinated approach to building resilience against climatic hazards.
  2. Providing and promoting climate leadership – creating the conditions for decision makers to effect positive change with regards to climate change issues
  3. Providing support, training and capacity building – equipping partners in the region with the evidence and skills to develop and implement practical adaptation actions

These work streams will facilitate joint action in a range of areas, such as flood defences, coping with transport and infrastructure disruption, reducing pollution and more. In turn, these activities will grow and protect Glasgow City Region’s economy, as well as enhancing the quality of local plans, and reduce unforeseen costs from extreme weather and climate change.

The project has received £100,000 of seed funding from the Scottish Government, to support partners in the region to establish a formal City-region initiative through collectively pooling their resources.


The Climate Ready Clyde project was originally started by Sniffer as part of the Adaptation Scotland programme and follows a three-stage plan.

A vision for a Climate Ready Clyde

  • In Phase 1 partners from across the region co-developed the Vision for a Climate Ready Clyde, setting out a clear and ambitious commitment to work together to ensure the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region is prepared for the impacts of climate change.
  • In Phase 2 a steering group was set up comprising Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership, Clydeplan Strategic Development Planning Authority, Sniffer, Glasgow City Council, and the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership. Consultation with stakeholders across the city region, including the eight local authorities and a number of public sector organisations, established that the partnership was a viable proposal and a Business Case was developed. In response to the Business Case, in March the Scottish Government provided initial funding of £100,000 to cover the start-up costs of the initiative and to facilitate implementation of Phase 3
  • Phase 3 of the project will formally establish the initiative,  with all the existing and potential Climate Ready Clyde partners. They will formalise and agree the initiative’s operating model and the resource inputs from individual organisations.

Project benefits

The main purpose of the initiative is to deliver additional benefits through collaboration, e.g. compliance with the Public Bodies Climate Change Duties, good practice lessons and value for money through coordinated activity, and is a mechanism to support effective action at a time of budget reductions across the public sector.

The issues addressed by the initiative will extend far beyond the remit of any single Local Authority function, and will include economic activity, community planning, transport and other critical infrastructure investments, development planning, rural development, forestry, land use, education, housing, health, emergency services, and tourism. This collaborative approach offers the potential for multiple benefits and efficiency savings.

Early phases of the project led to a number of tangible benefits for Glasgow City Region including:

  • Securing membership of the Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities group, with accompanying resources for a Chief Resilience Officer
  • Successfully bidding to host the European Conference on Climate Adaptation in 2017, worth an estimated £2m to the regional economy
  • A project in the north of Glasgow ‘Weathering Change’ which is exploring ways to increase community resilience to climate change.

See below for all project documents. For more information on the project please contact the Climate Ready Clyde Project Manager Kit England

Project documents

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