Communities are getting climate ready

Communities across Scotland are increasingly aware that the weather is getting up to some unusual tricks with more extreme events and longer term trends being observed in living memory.

Over the last few months we have been engaging with communities, and organisations that work with them, to include climate change and adaptation on the agenda.

A number of  residents living in the vicinity of  Lambhill Stables in the north of Glasgow  took part in a series of workshops where we explored  what is important  about  Lambhill as a place, and how such things  could be affected by a changing climate. By examining maps, sharing stories and walking the local area we developed a strong sense  of the many important aspects of cultural, natural and social heritage.

Water featured strongly in the conversations - not surprising with Lambhill located adjacent to the canal, and Possil Marsh, and   nearby roads and two cemeteries being susceptible to flooding. Local biodiversity, food growing and recreation also featured as we created a sense of what a climate ready place might look like, as well as identifying agencies and partners who could be part of the next steps.

It was a privilege for us to learn from such enthusiasts and taking a  partnership approach with  Lambhill Stables, greenspace Scotland and Glasgow City Council gave  a strong platform for us to build on to help build an action plan for greater resilience.

Our latest series of workshops is with the youth group at the Sikh Gurdwara Centre in Edinburgh with CEMVO (the Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations) Scotland. We will be exploring the values that the group holds as important, and how these relate to climate change.

We will be drawing together the learning from our recent community experiences, and developing updated tools and resources.

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