Dialogue Café on Urban Climate Resilience


Urban Climate Resilience was the theme for the first URBAN-NEXUS Dialogue Café. The gathering was organised by Sniffer and other consortium partners and held in Glasgow on the 29th and 30th of May 2012. Over 50 participants from all disciplines involved in planning and running cities took part in discussions based on a Synthesis Report of the state of play on urban resilience.

Workshop notice board at the Dialogue CafeThe Glasgow Dialogue Café was the first in a series of six similar URBAN-NEXUS Cafes being held across Europe over the next two years. The participants, representing a variety of European municipalities, organisations, agencies and networks, discussed the Synthesis Report and shared their perspectives and needs in response to the challenge of climate change in urban areas. Opinions varied on where gaps lie and how to affect real change.

Taking an integrated perspective, four policy fields were on the agenda:

  • Risk and Uncertainty – Modelling climate change and predicting future trends at different spatial and temporal scales introduces a range of uncertainties, including feedback loops and potential tipping points.
  • Governance – Climate change highlights the need for new approaches to governance in order to overcome the lack of coordination and integration, both vertically within traditional governmental hierarchies and also horizontally across the public, private and third sector.
  • People – A changing climate will have direct effects on people’s health and quality of life and will also bring indirect risks to broader social and economic activities.
  • Place – Impacts of climate change on place include flooding, landslides, drought, subsidence and the urban heat island effect.

Sniffer is leading the work on a follow-up report which will be available on the URBAN NEXUS website for comments. The final report will help inform future European strategic research priorities and initiatives such as the Urban Europe Joint Programming Initiative and the European Urban Development Group.

The report will serve as a starting point in exploring and developing cross-thematic issues concerning the other URBAN-NEXUS topics (Health and Quality of Life and Competing for Urban Land). It will also contribute to building integrated perspectives on urban management and data and monitoring. Identifying how communication can be improved and partnerships fostered (real or virtual) to motivate or drive change is a key ambition of URBAN-NEXUS.

The next Dialogue Café on Health and Quality of Life is held in Barcelona on 17-18 October.

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