FRM2014 gathers Scottish flood experts

Comprehensive Flood Risk Management Conference looks at the full suite of actions home-owners and government can take.

As the Met Office warns climate change is likely to increase river flooding and Britain has had a record wet January, flooding experts gathered in Edinburgh to discuss how Scotland can be better prepared.


The main themes for this year’s Sniffer Flood Risk Management Conference were integration, engagement and adaptation. 

The recent flooding in England has focussed the attention of both politicians and the public, not just on traditional hard engineering and discussions around dredging, but increasingly highlighting the need to think about resilience and flood protection on a catchment scale. This includes natural flood management, blue-green approaches and solutions with multiple benefits. 

Delegates heard about engagement work with schools and communities, and looked at case studies from across Scotland, the UK and the USA.

Whilst flooding has many causes, the conference this year included climate change and the role of flood risk managers in building climate resilience.

Speakers also highlighted how important appropriate and consistent language is to engaging effectively with both communities and the media.

All presentations will be up here shortly.

Read the speech manuscript for Minister for Environment and ClimateChange Paul Wheelhouse, MSP (please note this manuscript has not been checked against delivery)

Watch The One Show on BBC One about one of the schemes presented at the conference (2.45 min into the programme)

Read more about Climate Ready Clyde


Download the conference presentations below

1-1 Ruth Wolstenholme FRM conference introduction Sniffer 4 Feb 2014.pdf
1-2 Judith Tracey- Overview of Implementation - Sniffer 4 Feb 2014.pdf
2-1 Roy Richardson FRM planning Sniffer 4 Feb 2014.pdf
2-2 Walter Scott FRM Planning Sniffer 4 Feb 2014.pdf
3-1 Walter Scott FPS Guidance for LAs Sniffer 4 Feb  2014.pdf
3-2 Peter Dickson Almondbank FPS Sniffer 4 Feb 2014.pdf
3-3 James McLeod White Sands FPS Sniffer 4 Feb 2014part1.pdf
3-3 James McLeod White Sands FPS Sniffer 4 Feb 2014part2.pdf
4-1 Susan Wallace Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme 4 Feb 2014.pdf
4-2 Anna Beswick Scotlands Adaptation Story Sniffer 4 Feb 2014.pdf
4-3 David Hay A Metropolitan Region - The Challenge of Implementation Sniffer 4 Feb 2014.pdf
5-0 Ruth Wolstenholme Introduction to Day Two Sniffer 5 Feb 2014.pdf
5-1 Lorna Bryce Partnership working challenges for communications Sniffer 5 Feb 2014.pdf
5-3 Community Engagement Sniffer 5 Feb 2014.pdf
5-4 S Frame and J Fraser Education Scotland and Resilient Communities Sniffer 5 Feb 2014.pdf
5-5 Peter May Plugging the GAP PLP Sniffer 5 Feb 2014.pdf
6-1 Shona McConnell Pilot Catchments 5 Feb 2014.pdf
6-2 David J Balmforth Flood Resilience 5 Feb 2014.pdf
6-3 Chris Kilsby Blue Green Cities 5 Feb 2014.pdf
7-1 Jeremy R Jones - DCWW approach to SWM Sniffer 5 Feb 2014.pdf
7-3 Owen Davies SuDS in the Public Realm Scotland Sniffer 5 Feb 2014.pdf
7-4 Alan Werritty Conference Summary Sniffer 5 Feb 2014.pdf

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