A vision for a Climate Ready Clyde


Glasgow City Council leader Councillor George Matheson has announced Glasgow City Council’s commitment to playing its part in achieving the vision of a ‘Climate Ready Clyde’.

 The Climate Ready Clyde project sees organisations and businesses in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley working together to realise a shared climate change adaptation strategy and plan.

Councillor Matheson told delegates at the Base conference on sustainability that the Climate Ready Clyde project is one of the key elements of the city council’s drive to make Glasgow one of Europe’s most sustainable cities within the next 20 years.

Councillor Matheson said: “My city’s commitment to reducing emissions is without question. However, we are also facing up to the reality that global climate change is already happening. For Glasgow this is likely to mean increases in rainfall, severe weather incidents and long-term increases in temperature.

“My council has been working with key partners in the Metropolitan Glasgow area to look at the challenges of climate change. We know we need to work together both to build resilience and adapt.”

Glasgow City Council is just one of many partner organisations who are supporting the Climate Ready Clyde vision and the development of a regional adaptation strategy and action plan. The Glasgow and Clyde Valley Strategic Development Planning Authority, the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership and the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership have also endorsed the project vision and played a vital role in developing the project. A wide range of other regional partners are also expected to endorse the vision in the coming months and will be involved as the adaptation strategy and action plan is developed.

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Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council, announces commitment to Climate Ready Clyde.

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Read more about Councillor Matheson’s speech on Glasgow City Council’s website

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