Scottish Government is seeking capital fund applications from local authorities and their partnerships for case studies to help advance Coastal Change Adaptation in Scotland.

Applications for the 2024-25 funding round are now closed. 

We have received a large number of strong applications for this funding. Applications are currently being considered by the Scottish Government and Dynamic Coast team. 

Decisions on funding awards will be announced in due course. 

If you are considering applying for future funding rounds: a webinar was held on 14 September 2023 which gave more detail about the application process, projects funded in previous rounds and the type of projects that are encouraged to apply. You can watch a recording of this webinar here.

Further webinars to support applicants who have been successful in their funding application will be held in the New Year. This webpage will be updated with the details. 

What is the funding for?

The CCA Fund supports adaptive and nature-based approaches. Examples from 2023-24 are available here.

Whilst the Coastal Change Adaptation Budget (CCAB) is £1.05m funding available in 2024-25, local authorities may have some flexibility in spend between years.

Proposals for ambitious projects which support actions in a Coastal Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP), or pre-existing Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) are welcomed.

Proposals from a group of adjacent local authorities working together are also welcomed, with one local authority the agreed lead.

Authorities can use match funding to leverage greater benefits, though this is not a prerequisite.

Case studies must include adaptation to coastal change, and may include (but not limited to)

·        restoration of natural coastal defences (e.g., sand dunes or salt marsh),

·        purchase of fall-back land for coastal paths to be relocated into,

·        development of adaptation options on urban shore and

·        community consultation etc.

Whilst applications are welcomed to initiate adaptation planning work, the fund would particularly welcome applications that address more challenging aspects including implementing difficult decisions, managed retreat of assets from at risk areas, securing carbon & biodiversity benefits, addressing substantive climate risks via transformative change etc.

What is required of projects?

All funded case studies will be required to provide brief progress reports to ensure that other authorities / partners can learn from your work. Authorities are required to monitor progress and participate in Knowledge Exchange via Knowledge Hub (please join if you have not already).