Everyone has ideas about how they could make the places they live and work better. But transforming these ideas into action takes careful planning and creative energy. Using the environment as our lens, Sniffer can help you put ideas into practice and make your place one to be proud of.

Placemaking is a creative, collaborative process that includes planning, design, regeneration and managing spaces where people live, work and play. These places can be as big as a whole city or as small as a single neighbourhood or park.

The approach builds on a local community's assets, inspiration and potential. The aim is to create places that promote health, happiness, and well-being.

Our approach to placemaking is to make sure we consider future changes in the environment, in particular the impacts of a changing climate on place and people.

What do we do?

A place based project can start with getting local people in a room with a map to talk about what matters to them in their local area. Or we can gather public agencies to look at all the different projects going on in a geographical area and how to create better results together.

Our role is as a catalyst in this process – helping to build understanding and capacity of organisations who can then work together together to develop new approaches

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