Whether it's pioneering projects, community outreach or policy development: success depends on getting the right people involved and understanding their needs. Sniffer can help you build the essential relationships that lead to lasting change.

Who will a decision affect and who needs to be part of delivering the solution? That is the starting question when we identify who to engage with on a project.

The best solutions come from involving many perspectives and insights. Inclusive processes give greater ownership of the solutions and more empowered people and communities.

What do we mean by engagement?

Engagement is a process of identifying and involving relevant stakeholders for a specific purpose to achieve an outcome

Our engagement processes are tailored to best meet the needs of the projects we are involved in, and cover a spectrum from consultation to in depth involvement, with  a two-way activity based on listening. This often involves finding new ways of organising dialogue.

Our engagement work can be described as participatory decision-making. As such there isn’t a set agenda at the start. What the process will achieve and how it will be achieved is all up for discussion.

Our role is to value all input and organise the group – however big or small – so that all voices can be heard and the participants can reach agreement on how to move forward.

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