Finding an inspiring goal and deciding on the right tools for the job can be difficult. By creating space for discussion, guiding the development of new skills, and building on what really works, we can help you set out a shared vision and take the first steps to reaching it.

Well informed decisions are better decisions.

To help organisations and communities get better informed we:

  • communicate environmental information in an accessible and engaging way
  • build capacity for different organisations and communities to work together through creating common language, aims and structures to work through
  • create peer-to-peer groups and networks for support, exchange and learning
  • provide templates, case studies and example work processes

We believe in learning by doing and offer process support rather than one-off courses.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you set and reach shared goals, get in touch.

Read about how we share knowledge and nurture networks amongst Scotland's flood risk management community through our annual FRM Conference