Sniffer are looking to appoint a suitably qualified consultant to undertake an independent assessment of progress for the Climate Ready Clyde initiative. Sniffer provides the Secretariat function for Climate Ready Clyde. 

Climate Ready Clyde is a cross-sector initiative funded by 13 member organisations and supported by the Scottish Government to create a shared vision, strategy and action plan for an adapting and resilient Glasgow City Region. Climate Ready Clyde launched the first  Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan for the City Region in 2021. The Strategy aims to ensure Glasgow City Region’s economy, society and environment is not only prepared for, but continues to flourish in the face of the impacts arising from the climate crisis. It also has a focus on just resilience, aiming to ensure that the benefits of adaptation are widely and equitably shared.  

The Climate Ready Clyde initiative committed to undertaking bi-annual interim assessments of progress against the objectives set out in the Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan. Two years after its launch, this will be the first Interim Assessment of Progress. The objectives of the work are to better understand and document the impact of CRCs work, what brings about change in the region, and how the Action Group can best focus its efforts in the coming two years. 

We are inviting quotes for this work based on the Invitation to Quote brief.

Our standard terms and conditions of appointment are here.  

Please send your submissions to [email protected] by noon on 24th October 2023.