Climate change is happening now and we need to get ready. The Adaptation Scotland programme helps us to do exactly that.

Why climate change adaptation matters

Our climate is already changing. Over the last century temperatures have increased, sea levels have risen and rainfall patterns have changed, with increased seasonality and more heavy downpours. Even with current mitigation measures, these changes are projected to continue and intensify over the coming decades. With unprecedented CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere locking more and more energy into our climate system we can expect future changes to be far greater than anything we have seen in the past. While efforts to reduce the rate and scale of climate change continue, we must at the same time adapt to the new climatic conditions we are facing.

What is the solution?

To do this we need to work together. Climate change has the potential to affect all elements of our society and therefore only a collaborative response can ensure Scotland becomes truly climate ready. Established as part of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 and acting as the key delivery mechanism for the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Adaptation Programme, Adaptation Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government and has been delivered by Sniffer since its inception in 2011.

The Adaptation Scotland programme is building the foundations of this collaborative approach by helping public agencies, local authorities, business and communities across the country take joint action to prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

How the Adaptation Scotland programme drives action

The Adaptation Scotland Programme supports a wide range of adaptation initiatives from city-wide adaptation planning in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, to producing teaching resources for schools to help children learn about the impacts of climate change on the places they live. Sniffer’s approach to delivering the Adaptation Scotland programme encourages collaboration and bridging the gap between different sectors wherever possible. You can read about how we put these ideas into practice in this case study on designing our awareness raising tool: Climate Ready Places.

What next?

The Adaptation Scotland programme provides a wealth of ways to get involved, get informed, join networks and take action. Find out about the full range of its work on the dedicated Adaptation Scotland website.