Sniffer are changemakers - making Scotland a better place to work, live and play. At the core of all our work is a genuinely collaborative approach to addressing environmental change:

  • Identifying who needs to be involved
  • Identifying what matters to them
  • Bringing people together to find creative approaches and building the confidence to progress them
  • Providing support, tools, resources and training to inform decision making

Organisations and individuals can help support Sniffer's work by getting involved, becoming a funder or partnering on events.

Get Involved

Many of our projects benefit greatly from the input of local volunteers and people who are engaged in their community. Find out more about how you can get involved in our work.

Fund our work

Groundbreaking projects can be challenging to fund. So we take the same collaborative approach to our funding as we take in the projects themselves. Find out more about how you can be a part of one of our projects or fund our work.

Sponsor an event

As a Sniffer event sponsor your organisation will get invaluable exposure to key decision makers in public sector, business and the third sector. Find out more about sponsoring an event.