What: FRM Practitioner check-in event

When: Wednesday 9 December, 2:45pm

Where: Microsoft Teams, please register here

2020 has been an unprecedented year for the world, and the FRM community is no exception. Dealing with flooding is stressful at the best of times, but in 2020 practitioners have had to combine remote working during lockdown, maintaining social distancing, developing COVID-secure practices, and the fear of infection, all whilst being physically dislocated from their colleagues and professional community. 

The call will include some introductory presentations from colleagues in the community describing how they have fared during lockdown, and will be followed by an “Open mike” session (30 minutes) to the audience, structured around these questions: 

    • How have you coped with a challenging professional role during the pandemic? Do you have any tips for others both professionally and in terms of mental health and wellbeing?
    • How do you feel about coping with flooding situations during what could be a difficult winter – is there any additional support you need?
    • How do we move beyond ‘just’ coping – how can we offer good support to communities despite COVID19?
    • Are there any issues which need community resolution or which need to be raised to the Scottish Government or which need to be dealt with in more detail at the FRM2021 conference?
    • Have there been any positives to embrace?

The session will also include a quick mental health first aid exercise and links to ongoing support so that attendees can access tools to support their emotional and mental health and that of their colleagues.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash