Sniffer creates change processes based on engagement, dialogue and collaborations.

Working with Sniffer means being part of an engagement processes where organisations and communities work collaboratively to develop ideas and joint action to be better prepared for the future, particularly in the face of environmental change

To do this effectively we build on three key skills:

  • Understanding and communicating environmental impacts – based on science, policy and local knowledge
  • Building collaborative approaches and partnerships for action
  • Inclusive facilitation that values all perspectives

Meet the team

Ruth Wolstenholme, Managing Director

Ruth is a passionate facilitator with a keen ear for a good idea. She has been involved in Sniffer from the start and enjoys working for a small company that brings people with different perspectives together to find creative solutions.

The best day out is arriving in a new place and experiencing the joy of seeing new sights and sounds and how people interact and express creativity – from street art to building design to food menus.

Ruth's CV

Anna Beswick, Adaptation Scotland Manager

Anna nurtures relationships and networks so they can develop their own ideas and solutions. If it’s never been done before she will have a go and won’t take no for an answer.

My favourite place is up in the mountains on a star lit night.

Anna's CV


Sarah Gunn, Finance and Contracts Manager

Sarah keep us right when we stray into environmental jargon. She’s also really good with numbers.

Never leave the house without keys and a plan for the day

Sarah's CV


David Macpherson, Climate Resilience Project Coordinator

David is really a poet but we borrowed him to keep all our projects on track. He is a master of logistics and helps out with all our events.

The ideal lunchbreak is sitting under a tree with a Terry Pratchett book and a box of noodles.

David's CV

Kit England, Climate Ready Clyde Project Manager

Kit knows everybody, which is really handy when you work on partnerships. He connects public sector, organisations and businesses to work together on strategic planning.

I’d never get on a train without my MP3 player. Music helps me both to concentrate and to unwind, so whether I’m working or relaxing, I’m always covered.

Kit's CV

Joseph Hagg, Science and Skills Manager

Joe does the science bit. He keeps us right with the difference between projections and predictions, and makes very nice coffee.

Joseph's CV