Sniffer creates change processes based on engagement, dialogue and collaborations.

Working with Sniffer means being part of an engagement processes where organisations and communities work collaboratively to develop ideas and joint action to be better prepared for the future, particularly in the face of environmental change

To do this effectively we build on three key skills:

  • Understanding and communicating environmental impacts – based on science, policy and local knowledge
  • Building collaborative approaches and partnerships for action
  • Inclusive facilitation that values all perspectives

Meet the team

Ruth Wolstenholme

Ruth Wolstenholme, Managing Director

Ruth trained as a natural and social scientist and has a Masters degrees in both. Ruth is a passionate facilitator with a keen ear for a good idea. She has been involved in Sniffer from the start and enjoys working for a small company that brings people with different perspectives together to find creative approaches to ensuring a fairer and flourishing future for all. As well as building on a scientific and policy evidence base, Ruth is a strong advocate weaving in local knowledge, climate justice and the role of cultural practice in changemaking.

Anat Prag

For the past 20 years Anat has worked in international development cooperation with international NGOs in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. Her focus has been on working with communities and local groups to tackle impacts of the changing climate and disasters, exploring how environmental management and restoration, strengthened livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response can enhance local capacities to cope with climate risks. Anat is supporting Sniffer in its place-based approaches at a strategic level and with groups and teams at a range of geographic scales in Scotland, as well as exploring how the Traction adaptation competence Framework can provide a useful lens to understand what takes adaptation forwards at the local level, whether in the global North or the global South.

Anna Beswick

Anna Beswick, Programme Manager - Adaptation Scotland 

Anna leads a wide range of Sniffer projects focused on climate adaptation, risk and resilience, working with partners across Scotland, the UK and internationally. She leads many of Sniffer’s collaborative projects across cities, regions and sectors and is a regular event speaker, chair, and facilitator. She enjoys co-developing projects and creating space for new ideas and innovative approaches.

Cat Payne, Climate Resilience Manager 

Cat is an unabashed climate science anorak and a committed science communicator. She has spent over 20 years working in the private, public and third sector translating climate science into meaningful messages to inspire local action. She is passionate about challenging the status quo, transformational adaptation and showcasing the multiple co-benefits that climate resilience can bring. At Sniffer Cat works on Adaptation Scotland, the Place Standard Tool and Flood Risk Management.

Catherine Pearce, Innovation Manager

Catherine has a background in international climate policy and has worked with a number of NGOs to promote climate action and build climate justice. She has also led initiatives promoting intergenerational justice, to bring long-term needs into present day decisions. As a strong collaborator, Catherine enjoys working with others to identify innovative solutions, and ensure genuine ownership to bring about positive transformation. Catherine currently manages the Climate Ready Clyde initiative.

Iryna Zamuruieva, Climate Resilience Manager

Iryna Zamuruieva is an artist and cultural geographer. She works and walks across socially & ecologically engaged art and climate change organising. Iryna holds an MSc in Sustainability, Society and the Environment. At Sniffer Iryna works on community led climate change adaptation (with Adaptation Scotland Programme) and investigates transformational potential of creative practices with the CreaTures project. Iryna can also be found writing, curating exhibitions and photographing.

Janet Forgan, Finance Manager

Janet is a qualified Chartered Accountant and member of the ICAEW, having gained her qualification with Deloitte in 2000. Her career experience extends from senior finance roles within a large scale multinational to a Board level role managing the finance functions of a global group of small to medium sized businesses. She enjoys using her financial and commercial acumen to help Sniffer achieve its goals.

Ellie Murtagh, Climate Adaptation Services Specialist

Ellie Murtagh is a Climate Adaptation Services Specialist at Sniffer. She works on the Adaptation Scotland programme leadng the Benchmarking Working Group and supporting the Climate Finance Working Group and as a researcher on the Transboundary Adaptation Learning Exchange (TalX) project. Ellie is also an associate of the Place Based Climate Action Network (PCAN) and a member of the International Platform on Adaptation Metrics (IPAM) Cities Working Group.

Eleanor Pratt, Climate resilience coordinator at Sniffer

Eleanor Pratt, Climate Resilience Coordinator

Eleanor is a natural collaborator and enjoys bringing organisations and people together to find solutions to environmental challenges. With a background in environmental policy, regulation and accreditation, she finds facilitating change and action in the spaces that sit within overlaps between traditional policy areas invigorating. She loves working with a wide variety of people to help develop processes which build trust, and find solutions which are owned by those involved in delivering them. Her wider interests include outdoor learning and nature connection, listening to oddly-shaped music and being in, on or near water.

Connie Dawson, Climate Resilience Coordinator

Connie joins Sniffer for a short period of time to further the climate change work in the Outer Hebrides and share learnings with Sniffer’s other place-based projects. With a background in sustainability engagement, Connie loves bringing people with different ways of thinking together to work in transdisciplinary spaces for transformative solutions. Outside of work, you can find Connie pandering to every whim of her two tiny dogs and listening to Kate Bush on repeat.

Sarah Jane Docherty

Sarah Jane’s background is mostly within the Water Industry, commercial with Business Stream and most recently public sector working for Scottish Water. She has enjoyed varied roles from leadership to managing projects, working within customer centric environments and capital investment project areas. She enjoys a challenge and being a part of positive change. She brings her experience and understanding of working within complex business improvement projects to her role as business manager at Sniffer, with a keen focus on collaboration.