The Creative Climate Futures project will work in collaboration with community organisations within two neighbourhoods in Glasgow. We are pleased to announce the lead local partners for these two “pioneer” neighbourhoods are Pavillion in Easterhouse, and Crossroads in the Gorbals. 

From September 2023 until March 2025, the project partners will work with community organisations and local residents in these two "pioneer" neighbourhoods to understand what climate change means locally, to imagine what climate ready futures might look like, and to speed up local action to make these a reality.

Creative Climate Futures will work with one or more local anchor organisations based in, or working extensively within each "pioneer" neighbourhood, who will be offered support from the project partners, alongside funding of up to £80,000 to support staff and project costs. 

The project will focus on those neighbourhoods within the city that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change - where flooding and overheating are more likely, and where underlying social and economic inequalities might make it harder for communities to respond to these impacts. We have used data published by Climate Ready Clyde to understand which neighbourhoods are most vulnerable.