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When: Thursday 6th June, 10.30am – 1.30pm, including lunch.

Where: The Boardwalk, Merchant City, Glasgow

Who: Around 30 people from different community organisations from across Glasgow

As part of Creative Climate Futures, we are running a training and learning programme across the second half of 2024. The aim is to co-design this programme with the people who will be participating in it. So, rather than simply offering a menu of options, we want participants to tell us what kind of bespoke training they would benefit from, which we will then develop and deliver.

The event on 6th June at The Boardwalk in Glasgow will be a fun, interactive activity that will allow people to think through what sort of training they would like to see, and feed back to us.

This is your chance to help us build a training and learning programme as part of Creative Climate Futures. In return, we can promise you a delicious lunch, a hand-printed item to take away with you, and we'll cover your expenses - the current plan is that this will be a flat payment of £50 for each attendee. We would therefore ask that only one representative from each organisation attends in the first instance. 

This event is part of Creative Climate Futures - you can read more about it here.