Glasgow City Council’s Green Business Support programme is designed to help local companies transition to Net-Zero, reduce their energy costs and become more resilient to climate change. 

As part of this programme, Sniffer has delivered four innovative pilot projects to test different approaches to providing SME support on resilience to the impacts of climate change. This includes collaboration with the creative economy and screen sector to explore sustainability and climate resilience within the industry.

This case study shares our experience of using the Climate Hazards and Vulnerabilities in the Workplace resource to support Film City Glasgow (FCG) to identify potential climate risks/vulnerabilities and adaptation actions relevant to the site. It provides details of our approach, and a selection of the types of issues that could be identified for action in similar sites. 

Using the Climate Hazards and Vulnerabilities Workplace resource, we undertook a risk assessment through a site visit to Film City Glasgow. We held discussions with personnel from FCG to understand how the site is used, the risk profile of building users, and operations. We also talked through how the building currently functions, any historical issues or problem areas, businesses critical areas and locations, and future plans.

Sniffer Film City Glasgow Case Study

Download this case study as a PDF.


Sniffer would like to thank Film City Glasgow for its support with this project, for showing Sniffer around the wonderful facilities, and for the experience and insight that staff shared with the risk assessors. We are also grateful to the Scottish Trades Union Congress and UNISON for their work on the Climate Hazards and Vulnerabilities in the Workplace resources.

This project has been funded by Glasgow City Council Green Business Support Programme.