We provide innovation solutions - doing things differently and doing different things to support systems change and transformation.

We build on an emerging evidence  and knowledge base as to what brings about change -

We work with others to (re) imagine the future and embed creative practice in our approach.

We seek opportunities to develop new ways of working and put new theory in practice.

We bring together diverse collaborations to address shared challenges and explore innovative solutions.

We are committed to iterative learning and reflection, and to trying out new internal learning processes and practice.

Examples of innovation solutions projects:

  • CreaTures: Sniffer is a partner in CreaTures: Creative Practices for Transformational Futures, a transdisciplinary project that will identify how the arts can address climate change and its effects through identifying existing, often hidden transformational, creative practices.
  • Clyde Rebuilt: a ground-breaking project in which representatives from across the Glasgow City Region jointly developed interconnected projects for adapting to climate change challenges by 2030.