We equip and nurture leaders and organisations to address climate as part of systems change.

We think about climate adaptation as part of a bigger system.

We support change at a range of levels in organisations and with community and business leaders, working inside structures to inform and empower others to lead change in their own contexts and spheres of influence.

We help organisations and communities understand the challenges and opportunities they face and help them find shared solutions that deliver lasting improvements.

Examples of our leadership projects:

  • Glasgow Business Growth Programme: We are providing a broad range of support to eligible SMEs including training workshops, on site assessments, sustainability strategy support and help to develop resilience building actions.  
  • Benchmarking Working Group: We set up the Adaptation Scotland Benchmarking Working Group in 2019 to support public sector organisations to adapt to climate change. It provides a space to share knowledge and ideas, highlight best practice, facilitate peer support and find opportunities to collaborate. Members have access to training and support, as well as the opportunity to network and learn from people working across different organisations. Members are encouraged to ask questions, discuss challenges and share experiences.  
  • Becoming Climate Resilient training: a new short course for businesses and organisations, developed by Sniffer and endorsed by the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute, to explore climate adaptation, climate risk, and opportunities to build resilience and a fairer, flourishing future.