Scotland’s climate is changing. Over the last century temperatures have increased, sea levels have risen and rainfall patterns have changed, with increased seasonality and more extreme weather events. This change is projected to continue and intensify over the coming decades. We can expect future changes in climate to be far greater than anything we have seen in the past.

Climate change and extreme weather events are already impacting people and places across Scotland.

Read more about how the climate is changing and how we can adapt to these changes on the Adaptation Scotland programme website

Our projects focus on how our economy, environment and society can all increase resilience and make the most of the opportunities that a changing climate gives. We use climate science to propose and plan changes to the way  our project partners  manage and use land, construct and maintain buildings, and design services and infrastructure.

We deliver Adaptation Scotland – a programme to support organisations, businesses and communities to be more prepared for a changing climate.

We support the Climate Ready Clyde initiativebringing together key organisations to work in partnership on climate change adaptation to ensure Scotland's biggest population centre is prepared for the challenges of future climate.