Taking climate adaptation competency forward through an international learning exchange

How adaptation competence creates action

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Climate change affects all countries and there are benefits in sharing learning on climate adaptation among developing countries and industrialised countries. By learning together how adaptation competence develops we aim to progress adaptation action. Traction is a three year project to understand what constitutes climate adaptation competency and how this affects adaptation response. We define competency in terms of the technical capacity, legislative authority and inter-institutional systems that help to bring about change.

What we are doing

The project will use the experience of building local and national adaptation in Scotland and elsewhere to create a framework for assessing adaptation competencies. The framework will be piloted in Scotland and Malawi – two countries with very different adaptation challenge.

Scotland has achieved much in a short time in terms of convening and building domestic climate adaptation competency.

In Malawi, climate risks and development challenges combine into a significant need for adaptation competence.

We will use the framework as a tool to enable further peer-learning between Scotland and a range of Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

We will seek international funding to support work in each country, and will collate and evaluate the learning from the process.

Traction takes a collaborative and inclusive approach, valuing expertise from different countries and contexts, and adds benefits for all participants through knowledge exchange and co-learning.

The project is funded by Scottish Government and delivered by Sniffer and IIED.

For more information on our next steps please contact [email protected]


Review of literature on adaptation competences is now available here