We know it’s an important issue – but what does community resilience and climate justice mean in practice?

Community resilience is often thought of in terms of the ability to withstand and prepare for short term shocks. However resilience in  communities isn’t just about ‘emergencies’, it’s about longer term challenges or stresses. These longer term challenges often have the greatest impact on the ability of communities to be resilient, including their ability to respond to emergency events. And these challenges can be exacerbated by a changing climate, with those who are least responsible for climate change being most impacted.

Sniffer has been involved in a number of projects working with community groups and other organisations. 

Weathering Change in North Glasgow project was an action research project that explored how communities could become more resilient to climate change. Find out more in the Project Summary, with further detail available in the Research Report.

Theory of Change for Climate Ready Places and Communities.

We work together to create climate ready, fair and healthy  places and communities. 

Theory of Change for Climate Ready Places and Communities.

Community resilience and Climate Justice

With funding from Joseph Rowntree Foundation, we brought together a number of organisations in Scotland who have similar interests, to draw together our learning. Read the report below.

Community resilience and climate justice - key messages for policy and practice.

We plan to build on this learning for future projects through our collaborative processContact us if you would like to propose a project.

Photo - Whatever the Weather - Copyright Glasgow Centre for Population Health