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Help support Sniffer's work by getting involved, becoming a funder or partnering on events. Read more

Community resilience and climate justice

Sniffer has been working with a number of organisations involved in research and practice, to draw together some key learning points in relation to community resilience in the context of climate change- we have developed a short summary note and welcome feedback. Read more

Sustainable Scotland Network

Sniffer is working together with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) to provide the secretariat service to the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) – Scotland’s largest network of public sector sustainability professionals. Read more

Adaptation Scotland

Sniffer is helping Scotland get ready for the impacts of climate change by raising awareness of climate risks and opportunities, and creating catalysts for collaborative action through the Adaptation Scotland Programme. Read more

Climate Ready Clyde

Sniffer is helping to increase the Glasgow City Region's resilience to climate impacts through the Climate Ready Clyde initiative. By bringing together key organisations to work in partnership on climate change adaptation, we are ensuring Scotland's biggest population centre is prepared for the challenges of future climate. Read more


Sniffer is working together with IIED to understand what constitutes climate adaptation competence and how this affects adaptation responses. Traction will explore and capture learning from adaptation progress in different countries, including: • What drives adaptation that has positive and just impacts across society? • What factors can accelerate adaptation? • What are the barriers to convening domestic adaptation competency? Read more

Flood Risk Management Conference 2018

The 2018 conference was held at the Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre in Glasgow from 5-6 February. A full conference summary report and all the presentations from the conference are now available to download. Thank to all those who contributed and attended for making another successful year. Read more

Giving voice to stakeholders & supporting informed policy on air quality through engaging the bus sector

Our approach to creating meaningful and open conversations, with equal participation from stakeholders and policy makers, has helped Transport Scotland and the Scottish bus sector create valuable new links and brought new perspectives to bear on joint efforts to make Scotland's air quality the best in Europe. Read more

Combining arts and science with Climate Ready Places

Our Climate Ready Places tool, developed through the Adaptation Scotland Programme, combined scientific expertise with artistic flare to created an inspiring and versatile tool for communicating the likely impacts of climate change. Read more