Climate Ready Clyde

Sniffer is helping to increase the Glasgow City Region's resilience to climate impacts through the Climate Ready Clyde initiative. By bringing together key organisations to work in partnership on climate change adaptation, we are ensuring Scotland's biggest population centre is prepared for the challenges of future climate.Read more

Flood Risk Management

Sniffer helps to manage flood risk in Scotland by sharing good practice and strengthening professional networks through innovative events.Read more

Improving our air quality

Sniffer is helping to improve air quality in Scotland by bringing together experts and decision makers to drive forward co-ordinated action.Read more

Improving water quality in Strathclyde Loch

Strathclyde Country Park and its loch were chosen as the venue for the triathlon events at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014. In the past, poor water quality had led to sporting events being cancelled. In February 2012 Sniffer was tasked with improving water quality in the loch to ensure plain sailing come the Games.Read more

Adaptation Scotland

Sniffer is helping Scotland get ready for the impacts of climate change by raising awareness of climate risks and opportunities, and creating catalysts for collaborative action through the Adaptation Scotland Programme.Read more

Climate Conversations

Sniffer is working in partnership with the Scottish Government and other key stakeholders to create a national conversation about climate change, increase individual climate action and improve climate policy.Read more